Sponsor BannerThe mission of the Cannabis Common Sense Tour is to help bring about the end of the prohibition of cannabis and hemp. To accomplish this goal we will bring like-minded activists together with talented musicians and artists to stimulate the national conversation around cannabis and hemp while documenting this historic moment. When the Cannabis Common Sense Tour comes to town, the nationally touring speakers and musicians will join forces with local acts and advocates to fundraise and create an outlet for local, regional, and national organization and action. 25% of ticket sales will go directly to the commissary accounts of known activists who are imprisoned victims of the failed drug war.

In the past 10 years alone in the drug war we have seen over 750,000 people/year get arrested for cannabis…That’s more than 80 people/hour in this so called “land of the free.” The war drugs has been a complete failure, destroying lives, families and communities, all to keep turning profits for the private prison industry. We’ve been fed their lies for far too and seen too many of our brothers and sisters thrown in jail and some of us have come together to do something about it. We’re hitting the road to educate the masses about our little green friend with the Cannabis Common Sense Tour.


Picture from TGA Subcool Seeds


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